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Southern Fried Chicken

All of these can be upgraded to a meal for £1.50 extra an includes Fries and a Can of Drink.

SF Chicken £1.30£3.90 Add to Cart
SF Nuggets £3.00£4.50 Add to Cart
SF Strips £2.40£3.60 Add to Cart
Popcorn Chicken £2.40 Add to Cart
Family Bucket
6 SF Chicken, 2 Fries, 2 Cans, Gravy Tub, Beans Tub
£9.00 Add to Cart
Farzs Combo Meal
3 Chicken Nuggets, 2 Onion Rings, 3 Garlic Mushrooms & 2 Chicken Wings, Fries and Can
£5.30 Add to Cart
Chicken Wings £2.40 Add to Cart